Robust Support For The Smart Generation
    Of Renewable Energy.


    Robust Support For The Smart Generation
    Of Renewable Energy.

Seal Your Cyber Security Gaps With Cyber Energia


Smart Grid technology is revolutionising the way renewable energy firms deliver electric power to consumers in a greener, more sustainable world. Renewable energy firms can now sell their energies directly to the Smart Grid as soon as green energy is manufactured.

Advanced operating procedures save time and money on the logistics, but this process exposes renewable energy firms to increasingly sinister cyber security risks.

Today, even a small cyber security attack on a renewable energy firm can compromise your reputation, exploit your assets to hinder your operations, and ultimately, cost you your profit.

Protect Your Assets With A Carefully-Managed Cyber Security Strategy


Cyber security attacks are not just about a potential data breach. Today's hackers can target your business from within your own operating system, hold your assets to ransom, and bring your operations grinding to a halt. This damages your reputation, and may also cause you some costly non-compliance fines that can effectively squeeze you out of the market.

When you bring Cyber Energia into your process, and you establish secure cyber technologies across all areas of your operations, you'll enjoy seamless compliance with complete peace of mind.

Unify Communications

Cloud capability and the latest 4G technologies monitor your cyber security landscape 24/7, with continuous connectivity.

Build Cyber Resilience

AI uses sophisticated algorithms to visualise areas of high risk, and to provide vigorous counter attacks right from your router.

Mitigate Risk Of Attack

Efficient strategies provide greater protection of assets, by identifying areas of weakness in your people, process, and technology.

Maintain Compliance

Implement the right communication process from the start, so you can protect your business against non-compliance.

Develop Your Reputation

Create trust and establish your reputation, so you can grow your share in the competitive renewable energy market.

Reduce Lost Productivity

Cyber Energia takes care of your cyber security, so you can maximise your productivity to enhance your profitability.

About Cyber Energia

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Our Mission Is To Protect & Enable The Smart Generation Of Renewable Energy, To Create A More Sustainable World Without The Risk Of Costly Cyber Attacks.

Cyber Energia is a managed provider of complete IT solutions for the renewable energy industry. We come alongside your business to provide a holistic view of your cyber technologies straight from the cloud.

We reduce the need for extra security teams, and consolidate all of your communications into a single cyber strategy.

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Comprehensive Cyber Security Services

Experience Continuous Connectivity That Won't Let You Down


Cyber Energia offers professional cyber security IT services for smart renewable energy firms. Our 5-step cyber security solution uses agile 4G technologies to choose and connect to the strongest available services automatically, so you'll always be in control of your assets.

1. Strategy & Process Development

Create a dynamic cyber security strategy that's unique to your business operations, so you can set the right IT and OT foundations from the start.

2. Stress Testing & Visualisation

Identify gaps in your current operations, using ethical hacking to stress test scenarios that will uncover the potential risk in your cyber security.

3. Communication Integration

Incorporate high-speed, dynamic, two-way communication technologies into your assets and operating process, to facilitate counter attacks.

4. 24/7 Safety Monitoring

Keep a safe watch over your entire system using cloud integration, so you can predict and respond to risk before it becomes an issue.

5. Incident Response Investigation

Understand what can go wrong in the future, by responding swiftly to incidents and forming a complete investigation to avoid further risks.

Advanced IT Technology

Experienced Teams

NIS Compliant

24-Hour Surveillance

Free Assessment

Cyber Energia Is Your Complete Solution To Build Your Reputation, Reduce Your Lost Time Incidents, Boost Your Productivity, & Grow Your Market Share


Our team of experienced cyber security IT specialists give renewable energy firms reliable access to real-time cyber security monitoring, with tried and tested strategies that will keep you NIS compliant for outstanding results.

Whether you're setting up a new EPC contract, or transferring an existing warranty, we'll ensure that your cyber security is water-tight and always on-point. Get in touch to explore your options today.

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Power sector races against multiplying cyberthreats

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